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Tips to Help You Find the Madison Apartment that's Right for You!

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The Apartment Hunter’s Guide to Last-Minute Housing

The Apartment Hunter's Guide to Last-Minute Housing

Fear not, apartment hunters: It’s never too late to find last-minute housing in Madison. There are more available units on the market every year, which means there is a great apartment out there with your name on it. Here are a few resources and tips to help you dig up a last-minute apartment gem.

11 Ways to Move In Without Losing your Mind

11 Ways to Move In Without Losing your Mind

You would be hard pressed to find a day that Mad Town is madder than on student move-in day. Here are some tips from a couple of student employees at Steve Brown Apartments (SBA) to help make moving into your new apartment a bit easier.

Go Wild this Summer: 11 Tips for the New Camper

Go Wild this Summer: 11 Tips for the New Camper

You’ve spent all winter cooped up indoors in your Madison Apartment, so why not head outdoors?  Camping is a great call, especially if you’re on a tight budget.  We’ve got some essential camping advice if you’re venturing outdoors, and even a gift card to REI for one lucky person to help get you there quicker!

10 Surefire Ways To Stay Cool In Your Apartment (Without Turning On The AC)

10 Surefire ways to stay cool in your apartment

We all have different ways of dealing with tough situations. But sit in an unairconditioned apartment on a sweltering summer day, dripping sweat from places you didn’t even know you had pores, and we all become the same thing - desperate. Here are ten ways to stay cool in your apartment without an air conditioner and a couple homemade remedies for the true innovator:

How to Get Your New Company to Pay for Relocation Expenses

How to Get Your New Company to Pay for Relocation Expenses

You’ve landed an exciting new job in an exciting new place. Congratulations! Now all that stands in your way is moving there. But since corporate relocation expenses can cost upwards of $20K for renters, here are some strategies for getting your new company to foot the bill.

Want to Eat Free Ice Cream In Madison? Read This!

Want to Eat Free Ice Cream In Madison? Read This!

Listen up, because $&@! is about to get serious—we’re talking free-salted-caramel ice-cream-with-fudge serious. Steve Brown Apartments and the Chocolate Shoppe are teaming up to celebrate summer by giving away scoops of the best ice cream in Madison this Friday, June 20th.

12 Free Ways to Make the Most Out of Madison During the Summer

Four Fantastic things to do in Madison During the Summer

You’ve waited, you’ve prayed, perhaps you’ve even succumbed to Satanic rituals (no judgment here, pending human sacrifice), but it’s finally arrived. Summertime.  And with it, we’ve got a list of four fantastic things to do in Madison during the summer.

11 Reasons Why Freshmen Are Opting for Student Apartment Rentals

11 reasons why freshmen are opting for student apartment rentals

Kitchen at Lucky101 Private Residence Hall

Cash in with Smarter Renter's Monthly Blog Bonus!

blogbonus june

The Smarter Renter blog is a resource for renters on how to find a rental, save cash, and make the most of apartment living. We’d like to sweeten the pot by adding a new incentive for subscribing and reading Smarter Renter: The Monthly Blog Bonus.

Steve Brown Apartments Now Features More Dog-Friendly Apartments

Dog-Friendly Apartments

It’s official:  Steve Brown Apartments has literally gone to the dogs.  By allowing dogs in 30 of our apartment buildings, we’re making more of our properties accessible for dog owners. That’s tail-wagging good news, just as long as you don’t forget your responsibilities in a dog-friendly apartment.

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