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Steve Brown Apartments Staff Reviews Madison’s Food Carts

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The Madison food cart scene is delicious and continues to grow.  If you are a foodie, love trying new cuisine, or want to see what this food cart frenzy is all about, read on. We've reviewed some of the top food carts and provided a guide to where to find your favorite rolling feast!

2014 List of Madison Garage Sales

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Here is our annual list of Madison Garage Sales for 2014.  As the snow begins to thaw (it is thawing, isn't it?) Madison garage doors are opening wide and all types of treasures are being unleashed.

How to Maximize the Free Internet In Your Apartment

How to Maximize the Free Internet in Your Apartment

Free Internet is a nice perk for renters, but how do you make a good thing even better?  To find out how you can improve the speed and reliability of your Internet access, we checked in with Dan Romens, Customer Service Representative for ResTech Services.

Six Ways Madison Renters Can Become Bike Commuters

Six Ways Madison Renters Can Become Bike Commuters

Living in downtown Madison has tons of perks, with easy access to restaurants, entertainment, and two fantastic lakes. But as any apartment renter will tell you, urban living makes commuting by car extremely difficult. That’s why becoming a bike commuter has so many rewards.

Making a Pet-Friendly Apartment Ideal for Your Dog

Making a Pet-Friendly Apartment Ideal for Your Dog

Ah, the allure of man (and woman’s) best friend.  If you’re a dog lover, it’s a hard to resist the pull of getting your own pooch.  But once you do, finding a dog-friendly apartment – especially downtown – is just the beginning. You also have to live with the dog in an apartment setting.  Here are some tips on how to make it work.


How to Sublet Your Room and Not Burn Your Roommates

How to Sublet Your Room and Not Burn Your Roommate

It’s time we focused on those left behind when you’re subletting your room: Your poor, deserted roommate. Generally, these situations work out fine, but here are some steps to ensure the new roommate arrangement works – for the benefit of all involved.

Why is Corporate Lodging Good for Madison’s Economy?

Why is Corporate Lodging Good for Madison’s Economy?

Corporate lodging, also known as corporate housing, has experienced rapid growth as a housing solution both nationwide and here in Madison.  Used primarily by companies who are looking for a short-term housing solution for new employees, it’s a critical component of Madison’s growing economy.

Ask the Staff: Best Places to Study at UW Madison

The Best Places to Study at UW Madison

Where are the best places to study at UW Madison?  We turned to our Steve Brown Apartments staff experts to provide some of their favorite spots.  They also included some advice on how to study with roommates as an added bonus.  Add to the mix a nice video produced by Jessica Bland that reveals “Secret Study” as well as some recommendations from around the Internet, and you’ll find the study spot that’s right for you!  

Our Top 5 Adventures for Spring Break 2014

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Everyone’s version of the ideal spring break is different. Scouring the net, we found a wide range of spring break adventures, and compiled our top five unique adventures.  Some are expensive, some pragmatic, and some even close to home. Check out our list of 5 Incredibly Different Spring Break Adventures.

5 Free Ways to Find a Subletter for Your Apartment

Sublet my room

Subletting your Madison Apartment is no easy task, as competition for those prized subletters can be fierce. You’re going to need to put your marketing hat on to rise above the crowd, and if you’re a typical student, you have only a shoestring budget. Look at these 5 ways to market your sublet for free.

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