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Tips to Help You Find the Madison Apartment that's Right for You!

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Roommate Problems? Let our Expert RA Help You

Maya Warren is the Resident Director at The Regent

It’s only a couple weeks into the school year, but your roommate is already getting under your skin. You know you need to resolve the problem, or the year will be a mess. Consider then the advice of our roommate resolution guru, Maya Warren.

7 Essential Apartment Amenities You Should Never Live Without

7 Essential Apartment Amenities You Should Never Live Without

Some Madison apartments are beginning to offer rooftop pools, spa facilities and other luxury features. Those amenities sound great, but how necessary are they? No matter what your apartment offers, don’t let anything overshadow these seven essential amenities and services.

Win a FREE $200 Red Card with our Monthly Blog Bonus!

MBB AugustRedCard 14 resized 600

Some college cliches should be avoided – overcooked university food, the freshmen fifteen and Ramen every night. Fortunately, the Red Card Meal Plan makes it easy to eat right, whether dining in, out, or on a budget. That’s why this month’s Monthly Blog Bonus is a free $200 preloaded Red Card!

Robbery Happens: 7 Safety Tips from a Madison Renter

A number of burglaries are reported every year in Madison

Robbery happened to Nikki Acker. She was a sophomore at UW-Madison when her apartment was broken into, and her story is a good lesson in how to prevent crime. The safety tips she suggests are particularly meaningful in light of the recent rash of burglaries in the downtown Madison area.

Hippie Christmas Guide: The Do’s and Don’ts of Move Out Trash Picking

Hippie Christmas Guide: The Do’s and Don’ts of Move Out Trash

Prepare to harness your inner dumpster diver – “Hippie Christmas” is just around the corner. It’s all in good fun, but it can also come with theft, fines and a huge mess. Here are some tips, courtesy of Madison city officials, to help make the unofficial event a merry one for everyone.

Turn Moving Day into Pay Day with #SBAMoveIn!

Turn Moving Day into Pay Day with #SBAMoveIn!

Madison’s streets will soon run wild as people pack it in for moving day. It’s a day filled with camaraderie, excitement and shenanigans of all kind - and we want to see it!  For the third year, you can win big by sharing your move-in experiences in our #SBAMoveIn contest.

Ride More, Worry Less: Five Ways to Protect Your Bike Against Theft

Bait bikes has significantly reduced bike theft in Madison

Bike theft has experienced a recent spike in downtown Madison. Here are some smart, and super-easy ways to protect your bike against theft, as well as information about an innovative program the Madison Police Department launched to reel in the bike bandits.

The Apartment Hunter’s Guide to Last-Minute Housing

The Apartment Hunter's Guide to Last-Minute Housing

Fear not, apartment hunters: It’s never too late to find last-minute housing in Madison. There are more available units on the market every year, which means there is a great apartment out there with your name on it. Here are a few resources and tips to help you dig up a last-minute apartment gem.

11 Ways to Move In Without Losing your Mind

11 Ways to Move In Without Losing your Mind

You would be hard pressed to find a day that Mad Town is madder than on student move-in day. Here are some tips from a couple of student employees at Steve Brown Apartments (SBA) to help make moving into your new apartment a bit easier.

Go Wild this Summer: 11 Tips for the New Camper

Go Wild this Summer: 11 Tips for the New Camper

You’ve spent all winter cooped up indoors in your Madison Apartment, so why not head outdoors?  Camping is a great call, especially if you’re on a tight budget.  We’ve got some essential camping advice if you’re venturing outdoors, and even a gift card to REI for one lucky person to help get you there quicker!

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